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Rowanberry Consultancy Ltd (RCL) provides business and accounting software for the UK market.

The founder of Rowanberry Consultancy Ltd (RCL) has extensive experience of large multi-national Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, having been involved at senior level in the installation of global ERP systems for major blue chip companies in the food and beverage, petro-chemical, pharmaceutical and discrete and batch manufacturing industries.

During 2001 RCL switched its attention to the mid tier market place by becoming a reseller for a Dutch business and accounting software system. Installing successful systems for clients in the computer hardware, computer software, sound studio management and food industries.

During these years the company identified several weaknesses in current UK market solutions and in 2005 decided to develop its own software to meet specific low and mid tier requirements. This resulted in the launch of AcceptumBusiness Management Software and ClearSEAsAccounting Software in 2006 and lastly AcceptitAccounting Software.

RCL has been acquiring clients and enhancing the software's capabilities to meet emerging requirements. RCL has a clear road map for its software and is committed to its continual support and development, issuing new versions on a regular basis. Customers chosing when they migrate to the latest version.
RCL is quick to react to new requirements of - a customer; industry; or the UK market place in general.

RCL offers a bespoke development service for those customers that want specific functionality to meet industry specific requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you and to offering you our professional services and products.


In addition to our accounting and business management software packages we offer bespoke database developments for businesses in London and the south east region of England. Further details available here.

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