B.P.M. - Business Process Management is the management of business processes that are internal or external to the business. It focuses on the integration and collaboration of people, systems, processes, and information across a business, including its business partners, customers and suppliers.

Your unique business processes are what defines your business.
They provide your business with its competitive edge.
They give it the ability to satisfy and retain customers, to maximize partnerships with other businesses, and to out-perform competitors.
It is the coordination of the numerous assets and tasks that together form your business processes. It could well be your most important business asset!

A complete review of Business Processes can innovate a business, re-energize performance and deliver increased value. A process managed business makes agile changes to direction and reduces cumulative costs across its value chain. It pursues strategic initiatives with confidence, be they mergers, consolidations, alliances, acquisitions, outsourcing or global expansion.

Business Process Management discovers what you do and then manages the lifecycle of improvement and optimization, leading directly to new or improved processes.

By its very nature, BPM can be applied to all business processes regardless of function, department, organization or industry. However, experience shows that to be successful, a business should start by solving a specific business process problem that has a clear, short term return on investment.

Broken or inefficient processes, and manual processes are often the causes of poor customer service and overall low business performance. Superior business performance depends on addressing these process problems. BPM coordinates all aspects of a process, ensuring that it is executed quickly, accurately and efficiently. It manages this execution in a manner that can be tracked (audited for compliance) and analyzed, so the process can be improved and businesses can achieve continuous process improvement.

Tangible benefits to a business implementing BPM are: